NUKI1 in Retrospective / dev-log

See here NUKI1 - Nuki and I explore the Galaxy - on baden.dev

Quick introduction

NUKI1 or Nuki and I explore the Galaxy is a puzzle-platformer mix, and my first commercially released game.

I tried to create a new unique genre-mix (in the somehow worn out platformer genre) implementing ideas that lingered in my mind for years, a lot of those inspired by some good old DOS games I played.


At first I wanted to make a top-down puzzler game, but felt that I needed more “action” and “physics” like advanced and precise platformer movement and artillery-game and rocket movement.

Also, an inventory system with object interaction like in a RPG and puzzles that you need to solve in real life (on paper/via web lookup/etc.) were on my list.

At the end I decided to make the game in 10 unique levels and integrate all of my crazy genre-mix-ideas.


I started the game in Python only using tkinter as a “side-project”, when I hit performance problems and coincidentally bought an ODROID GO SUPER device for cheap.

I thought it would be nice to support the ODROID, and from then on I rewrote the game in C++ with ODROID support in mind (wasn’t far anyways).

I only wanted to use minimal dependencies, so it was SDL and tinyxml2, the rest of the game I wanted to write completely on my own, since that’s where the fun lies! Writing physics/vector/math/… classes and basically the entire engine on my own!


Not so fun

The most fun


All in all, with rewriting a huge part of the game (while getting better at C++), a lot of pixel painting and planning, I estimate around 1500 - 2500 hrs of work for everything.

A lof of time was lost in the first Py version, me getting better in C++ and rewriting a lot of stuff.